Jack Nugget

Jack Nugget is a 20 year old comic based in Saigon, Vietnam. Crowned the youngest winner of the Vietnam Comedy Competition: Ho Chi Minh Heats at 19, he went on to open, host and produce shows for multiple international comedy acts such as Dwayne Perkins, Dana Alexander, Stephen Carlin, Burt Teplitzky, Simmone Park, Ron Josol and Trevor Lock. He abides by 3 main values when creating any body of work: style, expression and purpose.
STYLE Irreverent yet somehow respectful, Jack Nugget brings a peculiar perspective on social issues, his upbringing and observations about his inner emotional life and the world around him as he sees it. An addict of duality and nuance, his pen straddles the line between extreme bravado and soul-crushing vulnerability.
EXPRESSION His roots in musical theater shine through his vibrant and animated performances. Wildly explicit and raunchy, the poetic nature of his work unravels under the right lens. An astronaut between mediums, he launches himself into the comedic kaleidoscope of possibilities through his stand-up sets, songs, poems, skits, and videos.
PURPOSE While largely sardonic and satirical, Jack’s comedic style still tries to make light of the beauty of living, by highlighting the humor, lightness, and peace in the darkest trenches of his psyche. Equipped with a knack for embodying characters, singing, and an experimental style, Jack wages a philosophical war with the pessimism and gloom of daily life.