Peace Love & Laughs in Vung Tau

Asia Out Loud put on its very first show (and what may very well have been the first standup comedy show in the region) at our favorite bar in Vung Tao, Peace and Love! We had an incredible lineup, full of soon-to-be-stars in the Saigon standup comedy scene including Angee the Diva, V.M.T., Niall Mackay (of Seven Million Bikes), Uy Nguyen (later of Saigon Teu), Fred Le (The Empathizer, Embarrassed by Night), Tommy Pruchinski, and Caleb T. Jones, and hosted by JK Hobson! We brought Vung Tau a night they wouldn’t soon forget (unless they had too many of the Local Boy signature cocktail at Peace and Love, in which case they might have forgotten by the next day)